NEW Autoglym LifeShine Carbon Shield Protection Package – From £250

I am fully trained to apply Autoglym LifeShine to your vehicle, and as a approved Autoglym Detailer i am able to register your personal warranty onto their database.

  • To apply Autoglym LifeShine correctly the paintwork is fully cleaned with a clay bar to remove all bonded contaminants.
  • Then it is machine polished before the sealant is applied to lock in that perfect finish and ensure maximum resistance to the environment.
  • The alloy wheels are also coated with the sealant to add protection
  • Tyres and trims dressed.
For the interior:
  • The fabric and/or leather protectant is applied depending on your interior
  • Carpets and fabrics are treated with the durable waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining.
  • accidental spillages, dust and sticky marks are easily removed.
  • Interior plastics and trims dressed

It takes several hours to complete this process. You also have the peace of mind that a professional is looking after your investment and you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

The Autoglym LifeShine Carbon Shield Protection System is designed to provide long term protection of your vehicles most exposed and vulnerable components such as paintwork and upholstery and is guaranteed for ten years. As well as treating your vehicle with the finest products in the world, an ongoing care kit is provided with each application to ensure ongoing care for your investment.

A full brochure is available upon request or click on

New Cars from £250 / MPV’s & 4×4 £350

Used Cars from £350 / MPV’s & 4×4 £450


Convertible Soft Top Cleaning and Treatment 

Due to the poor weather conditions we have had in the last twelve months, we have been experiencing high levels of work relating to the poor condition of Cabriolet Roofs. Convertible soft tops will require special attention to maintain its original look and waterproofing to prevent mould from growing within the fabric.  The cost to replace a soft top can be up around £2500 so to prevent this large expense we always advise our customers to have the treatment applied at least twice a year.

You can see when its time to re-waterproof the fabric top, simply by pouring water onto the fabric roof, if it beads its ok but if it soaks in and disappears it’s time to re-clean and re-waterproof.  MCCS can carry a range of cleaners, conditioners and water-proofing agents to restore a tired soft top to look new again at a fraction of the cost of a new hood.

  • Roof is Brushed and Vacuumed
  • Roof pre-soaked using PH neutral cleaner
  • Roof cleaned using various brushes
  • Roof is dried using extraction
  • Waterproof applied

With any Full Valet – Roof Clean & Seal £50.00 | Re-colour £150.00


Odour Fogger  – from £25

Attacks and destroys Bacteria such as e-coli, MRSA and Staphylococcus whilst completely killing all odours including tobacco, mould, damp, pet smells, sweat and dairy. The deodorising system enables you to remove unpleasant odours and Bacteria on a molecular level safely and permanently from the entire car interior.


Claying – from £40

The surface is prepared using a clay bar and lubricant to remove any ingrained contamination to give a smooth to touch finish. This smooth finish not only achieves the best possible gloss finish but also dirt and grime will be resisted in the future.


Screen Wash Top-up – £1.50

Too busy to top-up your water bottle? Why not let MCCS take care of it and boost your bottle with Screen Wash for better visibility.


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